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Unfinished Business and Other Stories

Unfinished Business and Other Stories


Unfinished Business and Other Stories


Jayadeep Krishnan puts together a great read of twelve well-crafted stories. Each story is a slice of life, an experience that stays with you. Several of them are rooted in the life of the Indian ex-pat in America: the agony and the ecstasy, the struggles and victories, the lessons learnt.  They are almost a primer to an expat’s confrontation with the United States of America – as also with the ex-pat Indian community. Jayadeep’s stories are also well-etched studies in the human predicament which lends it universal appeal. He writes a simple, direct prose that goes to the heart of the matter.  Innovatively stylistic illustrations by the author’s daughter, Tamaara Nambiar, enrich this debut collection of stories which is sure to find a place in the hearts of fine readers everywhere.

-- Paul Zacharia


About the Author


Jay Krishnan is a geek at heart and a startup guy. His 20- year career spans a mosaic of founding multiple deep-tech entrepreneurial ventures in India & N. America. He donned multiple Engineering and Management roles at Brooktrout, Juniper, Cisco and others across Bangalore, Boston, Hyderabad, Silicon Valley and Waterloo. He was the first CEO at T- Hub in India and is currently the CEO at the Accelerator Centre in Canada. He has a Bachelors and a Master’s in Electrical & Computer engineering, followed by Executive Management from RV College in Bangalore, The University of Hartford and the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore correspondingly. While he is an avid reader, this is his debut expedition into writing.

Though previously recognized in technical and innovation spheres through journals and summits, Jay's venture into the realm of fiction is a fresh expedition. Through this new creative expression, he seeks to impart a profound message: our lives are a series of interconnected journeys, each marked by moments of chance that lead us to who we are in the present—every joy and sorrow, opportunity, and reflection are threads in the intricate web of causality that forms our individual destinies.


About the Illustrator


Tamaara Nambiar is the author’s 12-year-old daughter. Tamaara is a singer, artist, poet and writer. While only twelve, she is a published writer in her own might. Her first book “Undiscovered” was a book of 40 poems and illustrations that are intensely imaginative, personal and a treasured collection of emotions. She is a Grade 7 student at Aga Khan Academy in Hyderabad.


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