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twilight ours

twilight ours


This is Shreekumar Varma's debut collection of poems and Geeta Varma's second collection after the acclaimed 'To My Violin'


Why frame pictures?

On the other hand

We need to give away most

They occupy space

Besides who would want them after us

They are already faded

So many years of hanging

On a single nail

Rusty now.



i dare, so i love.

i dare to call the world

my own, so i love.



Geeta Varma is a poet of simplicity. Her words become emotion and remembrance, her settings are beautiful islands of a faraway reality that returns to haunt us again and again. The song of the violin will continue to haunt us much after we have put this book down....


About the Author

Geeta Varma: There's poetry on paper. And there's poetry in storage, whose fragrance wafts in its own secret garden. Geeta Varma's poems were of the garden variety until now. Her first book of published poems is addressed To My Violin. Her poetry is now open to the world, but the muse is still speaking to the music. Having lived in different parts of India, she grew up principally in Kerala and is now settled in Chennai with her family. But the muse is still unsettled. And seeking, as you will see. M.A., B.Ed., P.G.D.T.E. Apart from these academic qualifications, her education has been from life: teaching school children, running a magazine, taking creative life classes, writing for major newspapers & magazines, and traveling.


Shreekumar is a well-known playwright, novelist, short story writer, literary critic & reviewer, poet. He won the R. K. Narayan Award for Creative Writing in English in 2015. He served on the judges'​ panel of the inaugural The Hindu Literary Prize, the Deccan Herald Short Story Competition, the Karadi Tales Story Prize, and the Prakriti Creative Writing Competition.


    Books once sold cannot be returned.


    This is a paperback book with Perfect binding. Book size is 6 x 9 inches. It has 119 pages with black & white text. 


    No shipping charges for shipping within India. The book will reach you within 10 days anywhere in India

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