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Through the Window

Through the Window

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First responses to through the window

Loved the poems.

Such a sensitive mix of haiku-like verse and deeply personal experiences that you have been through. One thing that stands out is the awareness of the inexorable passage of time, which can neither be prevented nor recalled, one of the essential predicaments human beings face, another being mortality.

I like the rhetorical questions, too—we know the answers, but we don't know them.

You have brought it all so well, simply and briefly, which is another aspect I'd like to mention. If the language and the thought had to be grappled with it would have been hard. But the thoughts take centerstage, as they should.


—Prema Raghunath, Ex-teacher and Editor


I have thoroughly enjoyed Geeta's poetry. Her writing is heartfelt and immediately resonates with the reader. In many instances it felt like it was my feelings she was describing!

—Vidya Varma, Avid Reader


Gentle and lyrical, Geeta Varma’s poems are their own light. A guide to the natural world, they navigate with attention the complexities of human emotions — love, loss and grief. These are poems you will want to return to.

—K Srilata, Poet and Academic


Geeta Varma's Through the Window is an emotional experience for both the artist and the reader. One can find a variety of topics ranging from nature to the vastitudes of life, from deities to common place occurrences.

The memories that are deftly woven with varied images definitely compel reading.

—Dr. Manohar Samuel, Retired Professor of English


This tender collection reminds us that there is poetry in everything, from faith to fear, happy sparrows to abused elephants, baby violins being born on shelves to trees and paths supplanted by buildings. The words have a beguiling simplicity, but the echoes of beauty and loss, nostalgia and loneliness linger on as the poet weaves her own unique patterns on a tapestry of shared experience. The poems respond to each other and to the world, and tease a response from the reader. We hear the music when the poet speaks of the bow of a violin, we feel the spray on our faces when she remembers the ocean breeze.

—Nandini Krishnan, Author


Poetry is the detail of life well observed and drawn out - a day on the beach watching the rain come in, faded old photographs, a woman in the blazing sun watching her land give way to a tall complex, a wrinkled face speaking into the phone of not dying and being a burden for all. These poems have at once the comforting immediacy of daily life and the unresolved resonances of distant associations.

—Jayashree Nambiar,

Educator, The School, Krishnamurthy Foundation India


    ISBN: 978-81-967179-0-2

    This is a paperback book with Perfect binding. Book size is 5 x 8 inches. It has 102 pages with black & white text. 


    Return & refund is available only if the product is damaged in transit.


    The book will reach you within 10 days anywhere in India

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