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Romance with Breath

Romance with Breath


Romance with Breath represents the story of aspiring Indians through simple poems. Some of its themes may refer to India but relate to the world as one. It inspires readers to seize every thought—joyful, stressful, mundane or random to write poetry and heal themselves.


Humans are intelligent and indulgent in many ways. But one self-indulgence like monitoring our Breath through simple meditation practice keeps us motivated, productive, tolerant, empathetic, compassionate and kind, thus guiding our intelligence in the right direction. Our Breath makes our omniscient accountability partner.

India is a fascinating country that enjoys ancient wisdom and modern democracy. Yet, it has a long way to go in environmental upkeep and essential public and educational infrastructure for the commoner, almost a given in developed countries. It is the main reason for the poems to reflect the events around us that are social, political, environmental, spiritual and developmental. They dwell on our ability to question ourselves, look at our frailties and correct them.


Humans will always have reasons to complain and feel unhappy. It’s part of our biology. But pursuing a favourite hobby, especially writing, can diminish manifestations. Over time we are enthralled in discovering a newfound joy that is self-sustaining. Even if one doesn’t want to be a writer/author, journaling proves beneficial in self-development. Who knows, people may, in time, be ready to share their experiences through a book. So grab that pen and diary, and transcend your blues. Poetry is your magic wand. Do hit that buy button and leave your valuable feedback for this debut collection.


Audience: 10 years and upwards; everyone who wishes to read or write poetry; trains their mind holistically and works on resilience.



"Sumitra Kumar, at the age of 53, has ventured into a creative career, writing poetry that she is now sharing with the world, with the aim of transcending our differences and evoking the things that unite us. I admire her dedication and courage, and wish her all the best in her endeavours."

Dr Shashi TharoorAuthor, Member of Parliament & Former USG, United Nations


"Sumitra Kumar is an excavator, armed with both patience and skill. She has patiently sat upon layers and layers of the soil, enriched with the minerals of her life experiences."

Urna BoseAdvertising Professional, Writer, Poet, Editor.


"I love the teasing twist of the title itself that suggests a superficial mushiness but flips the lid on a deeper meaning for LOVE, not mere selfish attachment."

M KeshavFounder-CEO at MANTRA - Management Training Research Associates


"We are glad and take pride that your journey began as a writer with us; now, transcending to an author is a prodigy in itself."

Sumathi SrinivasFounder—Twilite Creations, WE magazine and Soulmates Foundation.


"If words had wings and they could fly

Hers would soar higher and higher till they reach the sky

She touches a chord and often makes you sigh

Making you wonder if you can match them even if you try."

Kamala SelvamDistrict Chairman, Inner Wheel District 323


"Reading Sumitra Kumar’s poems, one cannot help smiling and glowing warmly from within…"

Jairam SeshadriFounder, India Poetry Circle, Author of Mantra Yoga (Rupa Publications)


About the Author

Sumitra Kumar writes for ‘Women Exclusive’ or WE, a lifestyle magazine where her articles, poems, and travelogues have been published. She is also a passionate blogger and poet. She has been an editor for Rotary bulletins magazines. She has won many awards in national writing contests conducted by Inner Wheel, a branch of Rotary. Her first novel is on its way. Sumitra makes her home in Chennai, India, working full-time with her husband as a Director in their packaging and automation business.


    This is a paperback book with Perfect binding. Book size is 6 x 9 inches. It has 150 pages with black & white text and illustrations. 


    Return & refund is available only if the product is damaged in transit.


    No shipping charges for shipping within India. The book will reach you within 10 days anywhere in India

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