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My Many Trysts with God

My Many Trysts with God


THIS AUTOBIOGRAPHY of a middle-class Tamil Brahmin boy who aspired to excel despite adversity narrates actual incidents and the crisis situations read like a thriller. He self-finances his education completely, and his career arcs from a successful engineer to a distinguished banker. Indeed ‘he touches nothing which he does not adorn’.
His quest for God is the underlying theme of the story. When he loses his beloved father, he forsakes God and employs Nietzsche's dictum of 'Will to Power' to exploit his full potential. At every stage of life, he stands up for the right and fights the wrong, often taking upon himself the might of Authority and brute force. His strong self-belief, and belief in the certitude of success of righteousness, makes him win all such unequal battles. 
His realisation that he had met God innumerable times throughout his journey culminates in this book. It also unobtrusively proves the interdependence in human existence. Young adults will find it a handy guide for man-management and resolving insurmountable crises through sheer self-belief and teamwork.


About the Author


Born in a middle class Tambrahm family to parents and ancestors with liberal outlook, the
author, P. V. Raghunathan, fondly addressed as ‘Raghu’ by others, excelled in academics
and sports and Para-military training in his school and college. He self-financed his
studies throughout by getting merit scholarships. Raghu took a BSc degree from the
Madras University through Vivekananda College and added an Engineering Diploma and
later a Banking Diploma to his qualifications. He worked briefly as a bright Telecom.
Engineer, later becoming a successful Banker. After serving State Bank of India (SBI) for
24 years he left SBI as an Assistant General Manager and joined and served as a Senior
Executive with National Bank of Oman in Muscat for another nine years.
Raghu is an avid reader; his reading encompasses a wide range of subjects: Science,
Engineering, Finance, Philosophy, Political Science, History, Biographies and so on.
Besides being proficient in English and Tamil, he speaks in Hindi, Gujarati, Telugu, and
He is an intrepid traveller. He has travelled across Europe, the US, Egypt and Kenya,
Nepal, Bhutan, and many South East Asian countries. He has also travelled across the
length and breadth of India. He likes trekking and mountain climbing and has done even
the arduous Kailash-Manasarovar Pilgrimage.
‘My Many Trysts with God’ is his debut as an author dealing with a serious theme
based on his life’s experiences. In the past, he has contributed short articles to some
journals and periodicals on subjects of social relevance. He is settled in Gurgaon in the
National Capital Region, Delhi. Contact him via email:


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    This is a paperback book with Perfect binding. Book size is 6 x 9 inches. It has 312 pages with black & white text. ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-8193676172


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