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Liberation from the Tyranny of Time & Space

Liberation from the Tyranny of Time & Space


This book deals with the eternal question:
‘What is the purpose of existence?’

It dwells upon Man’s unceasing efforts to understand this universe and beyond, through scientific discoveries and evolutions of philosophies and knowledge of psychology, psychoanalysis and even parapsychology and how all those relentless pursuits are unable to answer this question.

The book goes on to explain that because Man’s vision remains clogged by the finite material manifestations making him look at everything from the point of view of a beginning and an end, he is unable to see the dimensions not visible to him. The moment man is able to realise that there could be many more dimensions than those meeting his eyes and that everything is part of a single static continuum, he is able to liberate himself from the limiting constrains of Time and Space.

At this stage the Soul realizes at the ‘micro level’ its immortality: ‘Aham Brahmasmi’, ‘I am the only Truth’.


    Books once sold cannot be returned.


    This is a paperback book with Perfect binding. Book size is 5 x 8 inches. It has 114 pages with black & white text and images. ISBN: 978-81-953367-8-4


    The book will reach you within 10 days anywhere in India

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