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Eight Armed Goddess

Eight Armed Goddess


This is a collection of poems by Sindhoor Varkoor. She is an English language trainer, creative writer, voice artist, and painter from Hyderabad, India. She holds an M.Phil degree in English from Osmania University.


Her first book of poems titled ‘Musing Madhawa: Viraha Madhawam’, published in June 2019, has been awarded ‘Kabi Rabindranath Tagore award-2020’ at the 2nd International Women’s Empowerment Summit (Arpita Foundation—Vrindavan, Mathura, UP) It has won a lot of appreciation and has been reviewed in several literary magazines across the world.


Many of her poems have been published worldwide in various journals, anthologies, and literary magazines. Her poems have been used in schools across nations to demonstrate symbolism in poetry.


She is the founder of Mano Antarang Academy of Life Skills—Art for Heart, which is a center for empowering women. The academy has innovative courses in English along with other courses on yoga, personality development, and emotional healing through art. As a voice artist and creative writer, she has worked with many government and private organizations. Several websites and advertisements have her concept and voice in them.


Closed stories

Of episodes past

Eyes, voices, breath

Life once living

All shut one day

Is each one of us a storied monument



Waiting to be



Replete with rich imagery and striking metaphors, Sindhoor’s poems are stories, lyrical and powerful: of woman as a goddess, luminous but fiery; of a woman draped in tradition but not bound by it; of a woman as a nurturing mother; of a woman defying destiny; of a woman living through loss and yearning for exquisite fulfilment... These poems, her ‘textured words’, crafted with fluid ease, will leave their impress on the reader, sometimes subtle, sometimes strong.

Priti Aisola

Author: Silence as Teacher and Other Poems, See Paris for Me, Beyond the Gopurams


Sindhoor’s Eight Armed Goddess is mysteriously attractive, has lustrous eyes, a beautiful face, is bejeweled, draped in red silk, and carries hidden weapons. She is fearless, can carry ‘venom’, and yearns for ‘freedom’ from a claustrophobic existence. She is any woman – a doting daughter, a young maiden, a bride, a lover, a wife, a mother… who has experienced transformation. The metamorphosis is not easy but painful. She carries hurt and passion like a devouring flame. She is misunderstood. But in truth, she is Love and only Love. This collection of poems is a treasure of gems, artistically crafted to perfection with wonderful use of words. The poems touch your heart. In other words, one should not miss reading ‘Eight Armed Goddess’.

Geetha Varma

Author: To My Violin


    Books once sold cannot be returned.


    This is a paperback book with Perfect binding. Book size is 5 x 8 inches. It has 60 pages with black & white text. 


    No shipping charges for shipping within India. The book will reach you within 10 days anywhere in India

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