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Book of Books, India Edition

Book of Books, India Edition


This edition is available for sale only in India



This book on rare books, holographs and historical artifacts in a single collection is a treasure in itself. With generous portions of passages paired with pictures and tastefully spiced with comments, this book is a feast to the intellect. I commend this book as an aperitivo for starters and a digestivo for the sated. Bon Appetit to all guests!
Adoor Gopalakrishnan, India
Writer & Filmmaker
Dadasaheb Phalke Award
British Film Institute Award

French Commander of the Order of Arts & Letters 

Books are inanimate friends, ready to challenge, comfort and inspire us. This Book of Books offers the reader a glimpse into the minds of people who made their mark on previous generations. 
Father Michael Collins, Ireland
Author of Books That Changed History

Book of Books represents an original and needed contribution to understanding the very profound impacts that the Transcendentalists made to fostering important conversations across the world about how to understand the reality of global spiritual traditions. 
Todd Lewis, United States of America
Edward G. Murray Distinguished Professor in Arts and Humanities, College of the Holy Cross

Every night I learn through reading a bit of this book, and the next day people think I am even more knowledgeable. Wonderstruck by reading Book of Books, I’d do anything to meet the man who could conjure up a concept like that. I want to meet him for only one purpose: To stare at him with envy.
T. J. S. George, India
Doyen journalist and author
Editor of Indian Express (Ret.)
India’s honor: Padma Bhushan

Book of Books gives the experience of a guided tour through the corridors of time stretching from the ancient to the present, from the East to the West. It carries me to planes I have not traveled lately.
The Hindu 
K. Kunhikrishnan, India
Author and Additional Director
General of Doordarshan (Ret.)


    Books once sold cannot be returned.


    This is a paperback book with Perfect binding. Book size is 6 x 9 inches. It has 352 colour pages. 


    The book will reach you within 10 days anywhere in India

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